A Short History

Estate Management has a long tortuous and very successful history here in the University of Nigeria. Initially, sub-professional courses leading to the first and intermediate examinations of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, U.K. were established at the then Enugu Branch of the College of Arts, Science and Technology late in 1957. Following the 1960 Ashby Commission’s recommendation, the College including the Department of Estate Management was absorbed by the University of Nigeria in 1961 as its Enugu Campus. In 1962, J.A. Umeh was recruited by the Inter-university Council of U.K. for the University of Nigeria. He subsequently joined the academic staff of the Department and prepared a holistic B.Sc. degree programme in Estate Management as a pioneer degree awarding department of Estate management in Nigeria. In September 1963, 23 foundation students were admitted to the degree programme and the department graduated her first products in June 1967.

Aims And Objectives

The aim of the programme is to equip the graduates with institutional, analytical and management tools necessary for the conservative and sustainable development of our land and land resources. The specific objectives include:
• To instil in students an appreciation of the complex nature of the relationship between man and his environment.
•To prepare students academically for professional practice in land management, land use planning and land development, land reform, and settlement, real estate taxation and rating valuation, aspects of town and country planning, valuation, investment/development schemes and feasibility/viability appraisals.
•To create an appreciation of the importance of estate surveying and valuation in an industrial, environmental, economic and social context, of land and the environment.

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