Engineering combines creativity and practicality on a scientific basis. When the scientific basis borders on living things, their by-products and/or their natural resource base, the resulting branch of engineering is variously called Agricultural, Biological, Biosystems, Bioresource, and/or Bioenvironmental Engineering. The Agricultural Engineering Dept at UNN is the first to offer a regular degree programme in Nigeria. In adding Bioresources Engineering to its curriculum, the Dept seeks to embrace the full range of its capability in providing much needed personnel for the development of national self-sufficiency in food, fibre and timber products.

The Department offers a 5-year B.Eng degree programme designed to give students a firm foundation in the discipline. In the first two years of the programme, study concentrates on the engineering sciences common to all engineering disciplines. From the third year onwards, discipline specialization courses are introduced. This finally leads to students, in the final year of the programme, taking courses with emphasis on one of the following options:


(i) Power Systems, Machinery and Forest Engineering
(ii) Soil, Water Resources and Aquacultural Engineering
(iii) Food and Bioprocess Engineering
(iv) Structures and Environmental Quality Engineering


Stress Areas

Power Systems, Machinery and Forest Engineering
Soil, Water Resources and Aquacultural Engineering
Food and Bioprocess Engineering
Structures and Environmental Quality Engineering
Computers and Information Technology
Seminar and Special Problems
Service Courses
The Department offers service courses to the Faculty of Agriculture students in the 3rd and 4th year and to the students of Faculty of Engineering in the 1st year.
And also a Graduate program and PhD program also